Filling my first sock order…


No, I don’t have my website updated and I never got an updated post.. lol life has gotten in the way so much this year I feel as though I just get drug around from one thing to the next. However, I got my first sock order just recently! I’ve been knitting on it, though not as frequently as I’d like, and I’ve almost finished the first sock. I’ll have more time in about a week to finish it up. The main thing with pairs of things is that you immediately cast on the second glove/sock/etc. Though I would really like to learn how to knit the pair all at once! Another day!

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The Year gone by…


I haven’t had much time for needlework. The garden and everything else has kept me busy. I’m also moving away from Made-to-Order and just going with selling things I’ve made and have listed (Granted, a person could talk me into something with enough compensation). I’ll let everyone know when my merchant site is updated and y’all can see what I’ve been up to!

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So, I think about posting …

About once a week but I find myself royally busy! Knitting is slow … when you’re nursing a baby and running a farm, sitting down doesn’t include knitting. I have my husbands gloves started but progress is slooow.

Most of my time has been consumed by gardening. We have a 1 acre area we’ve been building into raised beds. Started last year.. continuing on this year.

That’s been my life lately, a regular spring roller coaster!

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The days are seriously flying by! I’ve been trying to get out into the garden so I can grow food for the wild rabbit population .. well, it’s supposed to be for us to eat but the “locals” seem to think I work hard to make certain they are well fed. If anyone has any deterrent tips please post them! I’m desperate!  They enjoyed my melons last year, I didn’t. 

The above picture is my garlic coming up under the straw. They’re so cute and little! We went against the grain and dug wild garlic bulbs and planted cloves from those. We’ll see how they turn out under cultivation in a raised bed. Experiments are so much fun!

Knitting has been on the back burner. 😦  I’ve been just plain busy. No orders to fill so no problem there… just not making progress on those gloves for my dh. Very frustrating!

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Wool Soaker Done!


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The Joys of figuring out gauging…


So I thought I dh’s gloves ‘all figured out’ HA! It mocks me! The current circumference of his glove is big enough to make cute little baby hat for my newest little one and be way too big to make suitable gloves. Maybe if he were a giant it would work out. So I get to rip out what I’ve started and try try again.

Meanwhile, John’s knitted wool diaper cover is progressing nicely. It’s a very simple 2 needle pattern. I made several fleece diaper covers for my third child but they seem to have gotten lost when we moved to our new place a year and a half ago. I’m sure they are packed away somewhere... but to find them could be quite a feat of nature! Happily someone gave me about 15 Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers, granted I have lots and lots of flat diapers that are still in use by my 2 year old ds. Just lacking little itty bitty newborn sized covers.

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My Current Projects


My dh could really use his gloves! So I’m working on them but at the same time I’m needing some wool soaker diaper covers for my week old little baby boy. So I’m working on the two things alternately. One day I work on one the next on the other etc.. etc..

So for my dh, I actually measured the circumference of his hand and sized his gloves accordingly.  I’m using the same wool yarn and color as my mittens, Lion Brand Fisherman’s 100% Wool. But I’m using the WWII Red Cross knitting pattetn for trigger gloves and turning them into flip-top gloves.

Now for my ds,  I’m using a free pattern from Ottobre. Again I’m using Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool yarn only in Natural color. I like the Lion Brand 100% wool yarn. I can get it locally and it’s fairly cost effective. I do hope to learn to spin wool some day soon and make use of the wool from my dairy flock but it’s not forseen in the too near future. East Fresians aren’t known for producing wearable wool.. Whatever the case, I’m curious to see how it all turns out.

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New Baby!

John Edwin joined us on the 23rd! I’m tired but doing well.. still knitting lol but mostly resting. This is #5 for me…

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My “husbands” mittens


It’s what I get for not knitting a swatch to get the proper gauge! A pair of mittens! I started them for my husband but gauge wise they ended up fitting me instead. Aaaargh!

Well, as it works out, he wants those flip top mittens. Lol! You know the ones that are a combination between gloves and mittens. I guess I got the good deal out of this goof…

The mittens have a fleece lining and a leather palm as an addition. We carry a lot of buckets and such which is really hard on gloves so I was working to increase warmth and durability. The leather is recycled from an unwanted leather jacket someone gave me. The fleece is leftovers from another project.

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Free Vintage Knitting Patterns

I thought this was an interesting website:

They have quite a lot of patterns available to anyone.  Pretty easy to navigate as well. Not a whole lot of fluff getting in the way of the true purpose of the website.

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